News Sheet for 2nd Sunday Before Advent – 17th November 2019

Jesus will at the last conquer and destroy all evil. His faithful people, though they may suffer, will never be abandoned by the one who will come in blory and infinite majesty.
Services today
  • 9.30am St Mark’s Parish Mass
  • 11.00am All Saints Morning Prayer
This week at All Saints
  • Monday 10am knitting group meets in the Chapel
  • Tuesday 7.30pm Bible Study in the Chapel
  • Wednesday 8am to 10am Tea ‘N Toast
This week at St Mark’s
  • Tuesday 9.30am Low Mass
Notices for this week 17th to 23rd November 2019
Tea ‘N Toast – All from the wider community are welcome to come along to All Saints Church on a Wednesday morning between 8am and 10am for some toast and a hot dring. We would love to hear what community activities you would like to see happening at Church.
Services next Sunday
  • 9.30am St Mark’s Parish Mass
  • 11.00am All Saints Holy Communion
Readings next Sunday
Jeremiah 23:1-6; Collosians 1:11-20; Gospel Luke 23:33-43

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